Onondaga County System of Care

Culture & Diversity

Culture & Diversity

What Is Youth Culture?

Culture refers to the beliefs, values, behaviors, language and history of a group of people. A person’s culture may determine the different approaches they adopt to meet their needs.  Culture can affect the way people view mental health and mental illness. It can affect the way they seek help and it may affect the way they use and respond to treatment.

In addition to all of the other aspects of culture that define us, young people are also identified by their membership in “youth culture.” Youth culture is what makes young people different from adults. There are many different parts of youth culture. It is important to remember that all youth are different even though they may have some things in common. Adults often have a hard time relating to young people because they may not necessarily understand where young people are coming from. You can play a part in making your future successful by helping adults understand your individual culture and how best to help you. This is all part of helping us create an environment that is culturally and linguistically competent!