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Family Tapestry

Family Tapestry

What is Family Tapestry?

Family Tapestry is a grass roots family driven organization dedicated to helping families that have children with Severe Emotional Disturbances navigate and be part of the systems that serve their children and families.  These systems include, Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Family Tapestry LogoCentral to Family Tapestry’s mission is a belief in the right of families to participate in and approve decisions for their children based upon the values and culture that are central to their beliefs. Without the recognition of family’s abilities, values, cultural beliefs, and other needs, treatment plans are difficult to implement and often fail. Family Tapestry firmly believes that families are the experts on themselves, and it has always been part of Family Tapestry’s vision to empower families, through togetherness, to develop a stronger voice in the treatment system. Family Tapestry does this through leadership trainings, community events, advocacy, parenting skills classes and support groups.

Family Tapestry has partnered with OnCare to ensure that our families’ voices and concerns are being heard and acted upon.

For more information about Family Tapestry and the services it provides, please contact Cathy Munson, Executive Director of Family Tapestry, at cplbear@yahoo.com or 472-7363 ext. 276.

Family Tapestry History

Family Tapestry was created to address the special needs of children suffering from mental illness. Established in 2005 by Cathy Munson, a mother who found difficulty in receiving the support and help with her own son’s mental health challenges, Family Tapestry is a parent-run, parent-driven organization.