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Culture & Diversity

Culture & Diversity

What Is Cultural And Linguistic Competence?

Culture refers to the beliefs, values, behaviors, language and history of a group of people. A person’s culture may determine the different approaches they adopt to meet their needs.  Culture can affect the way people view mental health and mental illness. It can affect the way they seek help and it may affect the way they use and respond to treatment.

Cultural and linguistic competence (CLC) is one of the core values of systems of care. Cultural Competence is “a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes and policies that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals that enable them to work effectively in cross-cultural situations” (Cross et al., 1989). Linguistic competence is “the capacity of an organization and its personnel to communicate effectively, and convey information in a manner that is easily understood by diverse audiences including persons of limited English proficiency, those who have low literacy skills or are not literate, and individuals with disabilities” (Goode & Jones, 2004). http://www.tapartnership.org/COP/CLC/default.php

It is important to incorporate CLC into programs and organizations to be able to respond to the changing demographics of the United States, to eliminate disparities in the health status of people of diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and to improve the overall quality of services and health outcomes (Georgetown National Center for Cultural Competence). http://nccc.georgetown.edu/foundations/need.html

CLC Resources For Families And Youth

Cross, T, Bazron, B., Dennis, K. and Isaacs, M. (1989). Towards a Culturally Competent System of Care. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Child Development Center, National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health.

National Center for Cultural Competence

Closing the Gap: Cultural Perspectives on Family Driven Care http://www.tapartnership.org/culturalPerspectives.php

Center for Community Alternatives
Maturing Minds Council is a Youth Support Group that allows youth with an emotional and/or behavioral challenge to come together in a supportive environment and learn from each other. The group is facilitated by OnCare’s Director of Youth Involvement, Bruce Brumfield. Bruce also offers a Youth Leadership Training for youth to learn how to advocate for themselves and others as well as other leadership skills.

Catholic Charities Neighborhood Centers
The afterschool program activities are designed to help children develop social skills through arts and crafts, cooking, dramatic play, athletics, games and field trips. The teen program provides constructive youth development activities for teens ages 13-18. http://www.ccoc.us/services/children-teens

Catholic Charities Refugee Youth Outreach Program
The Refugee Youth Outreach Program provides recreation, tutoring, homework assistance and other supports to refugee children. http://www.ccoc.us/services/index/refugee-youth-outreach-program

The Q Center
The Q Center is a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth and their allies to gather, share, hang out, have fun, and build healthy relationships with supportive adults and peers. It is a great place to make new friends. The Q Center offers support groups, educational support, counseling services, social events, HIV/STD education and testing, opportunities for community involvement, and support for Gay-Straight Alliances and schools. http://www.aidscommunityresources.com/content.cfm/Services/youth-center

The Spanish Action League – La Liga
The mission of La Liga is to build on the rich cultural heritage of the Latino community by advancing its independence and growth through advocacy, counseling and education. The Our Future Program (Nuestro Futuro) is a free program that helps young students through tutoring, homework help, hands-on learning, cultural activities and school mediation. Nuestro Futuro also helps students’ English proficiency. http://www.laligaupstateny.org/programs-youth.php

The Southwest Community Center
SWCC provides a network of human services to residents of the southwest inner-city of Syracuse through special events, outreach efforts, prevention, intervention, employment and educational services, support, peer and mentoring groups, and collaborative programs. http://www.smnfswcc.org/

Whole Me Inc.
Whole Me provides educational and social services designed to promote the success of deaf and hard of hearing individuals, their families and their communities. www.wholemeinc.org