Onondaga County System of Care

Family Tapestry Picnic

The family picnic on Friday, August 24th, was, once again, a great day of food, fun and laughter! We had plenty of sunshine and a nice cool breeze.  This year we held the picnic at a new location, Santaro Park on Velasko road.  What a great place for the picnic!  With basketball and tennis courts, a beautiful playground, a track for the skateboarders and kids riding scooters, and plenty of space to run around, it was the perfect spot for our picnic.

It was wonderful to see all the smiles and hear the laughter of people sitting around connecting and planning future gatherings and having a good time.  We had upwards of 90 people there with Jeff the Magic Man providing magical tricks and creating fabulous balloon creatures, hats, flowers, and animals for the kids and young adults. We had a few raffle prizes and giveaways.  Thanks go out to Kurima and Lisa, our cooks for the day.  They stayed at the grill all day right through until the bitter end! A huge thank you to Joy King and Cyndyl Wilbur who helped me set up. Cyndyl must have gone up and down that hill 20 times carting supplies. Thank you to the families for bringing a variety of delectable additions to our meal. I’d also like to thank all of the Parent Partners, ICM’s and SCM’s and all other staff from OCMS, Liberty Resources, Hillside, Toomey, Center for Community Alternatives and OnCare who joined us and who brought families and food to the event.

Here’s to a great picnic this year and an even better one next year…which is already in the planning stages.

Cathy Munson
Family Tapestry

Director of Family Driven Care