Onondaga County System of Care

Families Visit Capital Hill

During our conference for children’s mental health, we were all encouraged to visit Capital Hill so we could speak with our legislators regarding continued funding and support for  our children’s programs. The four of us visited Senator Gillibrand’s office to have our  voices heard. It felt overwhelming walking into this huge building to speak with a complete stranger about the struggles we face everyday. The aide we met with listened very quietly while we spoke and shared some of our experiences and how the programs available were so important for all of our families to help develop our children that are already stigmatized and socially behind their peers. When we finished speaking, Senator Gillibrand’s aide had tears in her eyes and said she could understand why this funding was so important to us. She told us that the Senator is an advocate for children and would be sharing our conversation as well as our concerns regarding funding for our kids with her.

Tori Shearer

L to R  Cathy Munson, Tori Shearer, Abbie Ortiz, and Lisa Selim at Senator Gillibrands office