Onondaga County System of Care

Evaluation and Results

Evaluation and Results

Continuous Quality Improvement is a process by which we use data to inform decision making around service development.  Data is used to track child and family progress toward their chosen goals, to monitor the quality of services delivered, and to make changes in the mental health services available in our community.  The use of data on a daily basis helps to produce better outcomes for youth and their families.

Our website will include a “dashboard” of what data we are tracking in our community.  Data comes from the agencies that provide services, from the funding sources for programs, and from the families and youth that use these services.  We encourage you to look at the dashboard (which we update quarterly) and to look at the changes that OnCare is making in Onondaga County.

We invite families and youth to be part of the team that evaluates mental health services in Onondaga County.  You are welcome to review and comment on your service plan by accessing it through the Management Information System.  We also welcome your feedback at our Full Stakeholder Meetings, and at the CQI Work Group, which reviews the goals for all of the work groups, and implements quality improvement projects when needed.


 The National Evaluation

The National Evaluation is designed by our funder (SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) to provide the Federal government with the data they need to know whether System of Care grants are improving outcomes for children with mental health concerns and their families.  A series of questionnaires are used to track the progress of youth and their families as they receive services.

You may be asked to participate in the National Evaluation.  The process consists of a 90 minute interview every 6 months for the caregiver, and the youth.  A $20 stipend is provided each time you are interviewed.  Your answers are important in measuring how well the mental health system in our community is meeting the needs of children and their families.  All specific data is kept confidential-we report trends or total numbers, not the names of children and their caregivers.  For more information on the National Evaluation, please contact OnCare’s Evaluation Specialists Kelly Lane at 435-2884 x7163 (kelly.lane@dfa.state.ny.us) or Marilyn Woyciesjes at 435-2884 x 7136 (marilyn.woyciesjes@dfa.state.ny.us).

Participant Reaction Form for Full Stakeholder Meetings

If you attended a Full Stakeholder Meeting and would like to give us your feedback on ways we can improve the meetings or anything else you would like to leave feedback on, please fill out a Participant Reaction Form. You can deposit it in the suggestion box at the next Full Stakeholder Meeting. The suggestion box will be on the Registration Table.