Onondaga County System of Care

Contact Us

Contact Us

Tashia Thomas, Project Director
Phone: (315) 435-2884 x7159
Email: tashia.thomas@dfa.state.ny.us

John Cook, Director of Wraparound/ACCESS Program Manager
Phone: (315) 435-3739 x4980
Email: john.cook2@dfa.state.ny.us

Bruce Brumfield, Director of Youth Involvement
Phone: (315) 422-5638 x257
Email: bbrumfield@communityalternatives.org

Nancy Kuss, Lead Family Contact
Phone: 315-435-3739, x4990
Email: nancy.kuss@dfa.state.ny.us

Kelly Lane, Evaluation Specialist
Phone: (315) 435-2884 x7163
Email: kelly.lane@dfa.state.ny.us

Marilyn Woyciesjes, Evaluation Specialist
Phone: (315) 435-2884 x7126
Email: marilyn.woyciesjes@dfa.state.ny.us

Trudy Yemma, Family Interviewer
Phone: 315-435-2884, x7136
Email: trudy.yemma@dfa.state.ny.us

Aishah Rudolph, Youth Advocate
Phone: 315-422-5638
Email: arudolph@communityalternatives.org

Linda Lopez, Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Children and Family Services, serves as the Principal Investigator for OnCare and oversees the implementation of the federal grant.